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3D photos © Masaki Okumura / Felipe Ribon partager facebook google+ twitter pinterest

SMART BABY MONITOR, Withings, 2011

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CES Innovations Design Awards 2011


Etoile de l’Observeur du Design 2011

“Baby phone connectable to a smartphone

Contrary to present baby phones which comprise two physical objects (the sensor and the alert device), the Smart Baby Monitor takes advantage of numerical convergence and proposes one single "sensor" device capable of communicating with existing interfaces such as smartphones, TV, PC with Wi-Fi connection, 3G or Bluetooth...
It records the sounds of the new born baby, can record a movie in daylight or infrared mode in order to transmit it to the parental iPhone. The adult can launch a nursery rhyme, choose a song or switch on or off the distant night light.
With its design, it deliberately stays out of the intrusive visual codes of toys, but keeps the magic of a music box that can be opened or closed, in order to adjust or switch off the angle of the video surveillance.