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EV Link - Domestic charging terminal, Schneider Electric, 2011

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Etoile de l’Observeur du Design 2012

For the typology of this object specially dedicated to home garages, eliumstudio imagined a wall box designed as a vegetable shoot distri- buting green energy...

A green soul, the color of both the brand Schnei- der Electric and the symbol of ecology. A refreshing design, clean and elegant with a compact shape and a white lacquered finish. Thanks to the purity of its lines, the terminal fully integrates into the domestic environment. The terminal becomes active, communicates, and lights up smoothly with LED pulses when recharging. It is a visual reassuring sign within the garage. The user interface has been designed to be simple and intuitive to provide the utmost comfort of use. It gradually indicates the recharging time and the various states of the recharging process: off, charging and charged. This interface has been made minimal so as to merge into the environment and thus bring as many users as possible to this new transportation mode.