Bike sharing, Zoov, 2018

Zoov, the first urban environment-friendly bike sharing service



The Zoov service

Zoov is a shared e-bike service respectful of the urban environment and designed to integrate seamlessly into city life. This public-spirited approach takes up the challenge of user respect for the urban space, which is particularly encouraged by the design of the bike, which facilitates the use of lightweight, ultra-compact stations that reduce urban impact.



The design

The identity of the Zoov bike is built around a unique, clean and refined design envisioned to blend seamlessly into the urban landscape. The bike frame has been designed specifically to allow them to be locked together.
Zoov can therefore appear as a single bike or as perfectly interlocked multiple bikes with the look of perfectly integrated street furniture.
This juxtaposition principle is enhanced by the continuous blue line of the design, and encourages a compact and optimized parking solution in which each station fits a fleet of 20 bikes on the same footprint as a standard single parking space; a quarter of the size of conventional shared bike stations.



This instantly recognizable graphic line establishes each bike as a common link that creates a visual continuity when multiple bikes are connected together.
The Zoov bike has been designed to be usable by as many people as possible. Lightweight – for an electric shared bike that must also be robust – it is easy to handle and familiarization is fast, regardless of user size and bike riding skills.



Carefully crafted details

Many of the bike’s components have been custom designed, with particular care paid to those with which the user interacts most directly, including the handlebar, the front luggage basket and the seat adjustment system.
A personal battery is also available in addition to the one already fitted to the bike. Its design ethos adopts that of an easy-grip standard bike drinks bottle. Fitted to the frame, it can extend the range of the bike and can also be used throughout the day as a Powerbank.



Seamless integration into the urban streetscape

When parked and physically interconnected , Zoov bikes blend naturally into the other street furniture. The docking stations clearly take their design inspiration from the familiar bike rack. Lightweight and minimally invasive thanks to their high storage capacity, they punctuate the cityscape rather than dominate it.



A connected bike

Users release the bike from the parking station using the Zoov app. Bikes are locked automatically by the motor, removing the need for any mechanical anti-theft device. This inbuilt security system is invisible to the user, whose experience is seamless and optimized.



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