Video & Air Quality Monitor.

Withings Home is a smart HD camera providing access to one’s home from anywhere. It has the highest quality video complete with a 135° wide-­angle zoom and clear night vision. Home is the best way to stay in touch with loved ones whilst away: it detects motion and noise and sends its users smartphone notifications to keep track of all memorable events. Video and images resulting from the alerts are displayed in an interactive timeline that turns the dedicated application into a true home diary. Users can also access a time-lapse recapping the last 12 hours on the app.

Equipped with a sophisticated sensor, Home is able to measure the level of Volatile Organic Compound(VOC) inside your home, a strategic element of indoor air quality. By alerting users to unhealthy changes in VOC level, Home will give them the key data to help them build a healthier environment.

Withings Home has been beautifully designed to fit any home environment and become a part of the interior decoration. It brings an innovative form factor and is made of high-end materials including genuine wood.

Recognized for its innovative design and cutting edge technology, Withings Home has received a 2015 CES Innovation Award, within the “Smart Home” category.


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